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Item collection 1201574 original

Primitive Sleepy Hollow Inn Sign Headless Horseman New York Folk Art Halloween Decorations Pumpkinhead Jack Spooky Witches


Item collection e9b76bd4 b155 414a a74c 1563b1c203d2

Welcome to my Magical Garden witch Witches Primitive Sign Halloween decorations Signs Primitives Black Cats Herbal wiccan hedgewitch herbs


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Witches Spells Chest purses purse box Magic Wicca Black Cats Primitive Witch Box Prop halloween witchcraft tarot cards


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WITCHES Black Hat Sisterhood Primitive Witch Halloween Sign Witchcraft Folk Art Pagan White Magic Art Painting Witch Signs


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primitive Halloween Signs Season of the Witch Primitives samhain Plaque black Cats witchcraft coven magic spells witches autumn fall decor


All things prim with a touch of enchantment~

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow Prims! Here you will find all sorts of primitive art. All custom. Everything unique and custom painted by me. My signs are created to look aged and prim, worn and old. Grab a cup of tea, browse around, and sit a spell. Everything handmade and custom painted!

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